Syllabus 217A/B Fall 2015

ESL 217A 42367 and ESL 217B-42482 (Advanced Grammar): 4 units

Monday and Wednesday 10:00 to 11:50 a.m.

Room E202B

Instructor: Anne Agard

E-mail:  OR

At the present time, the instructor has no functioning office phone.  However, she checks her email frequently.

Peralta Moodle Site: and click on STUDENT LOGIN INFORMATION.

The first week’s materials are posted at

Office: T408

Office hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 12:30 to 2:30 in the instructor’s office (T408)
  • Monday through Saturday, 4:30 to 5:30: Online office hours. The instructor will be available in the Moodle chat area.
  • Other hours by appointment

Course description: ESL 217A/B is an advanced ESL grammar course, focusing on the use of English grammar structure in college-level reading, writing and communication. Structures emphasized include adjective clauses and descriptive phrases, gerunds and infinitives, adverbial clauses and phrases, sentence connectors, noun clauses and unreal conditions.

Required prerequisite for ESL 217A:

Completion of ESL 202B (Grammar 4) with a grade of “C” or better


Completion of ESL 216B (High Intermediate Grammar) student learning outcomes by recommendation of your ESL 216A instructor


Placement by Peralta Colleges multiple measures assessment.

Required prerequisite for ESL 217B:

Completion of ESL 216A (High Intermediate Grammar)

Student Learning Outcomes: Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate accurate aural comprehension of advanced English grammatical structures.
  • Demonstrate accurate reading comprehension of advanced English grammatical structures.
  • Use advanced English grammatical structures to accurately and effectively express ideas at the paragraph level.

Required course materials:

(1)  The textbook for the course is Focus on Grammar 5, Edition 4, by Jay Maurer,

ISBN:  0132546507

(2) You will need earphones or another inexpensive listening device to plug into the lab computer.

(3) In class, you will need a dictionary to look up unfamiliar vocabulary. Longmans Dictionary of American English is recommended. This dictionary is available online at . You may also use a bilingual dictionary or electronic dictionary in class. Electronic tools used during test or quizzes are subject to the approval of the instructor.

(4) Help the teacher learn your name by sending her a recent photo. You can take a “selfie” and send it to her as an email attachment, or put your picture in your Moodle profile.

This section of ESL 217 A/B is a flipped class!

Flipping is a way to make better use of class time.

A flipped class means that much of the work that you are used to doing in class must be done at home, online, before you come to class.

Then much of the work that you may be used to doing at home will be done in class, with the help of your instructor and classmates. There will also be time for more in-class communication practice with your classmates.

In order to succeed in a flipped class, you must have basic computer skills—the kinds of skills required to use e-mail, search and use the Internet, and shop online.

You will also need a computer with Internet access so that you can spend about 4 hours online preparing for each class.

If you are not comfortable using a computer, or do not have easy Internet access, you should not try to take this section of ESL 217; other sections of the course are available to choose from instead.

If you are used to using a computer and have Internet access, this flipped class should be an interesting and enjoyable new way to study.

Class policies:

1. You must attend class regularly and on time in order to receive a good grade. Your class participation and your work with other students are important components of this course, and you miss a lot of information if you are late or absent. By college regulations, you may be dropped from the course if you miss more than four classes; if you must miss classes due to illness or other emergency, be sure to discuss the problem with the instructor so that she does not drop you and can help you make up the work.  Except in an emergency, please do not leave the classroom while the class is in session.

2. If you must be absent or late for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out about the work you missed and make it up. If you do not do this, you will receive grades of “0” on the work missed, which will seriously lower your course grade.

3. Online assignments are posted at the end of each class for the following class. The online work must be completed before the next class; you will not be able to participate fully in class activities if your online work for the class has not already been completed.  You may complete an online quiz as many times as you like, and your grade will be the average of your attempts. This means that in order to get a good grade, you must study the material before you attempt the quiz, but that you can then improve your grade by repeated attempts. Online quiz activities are closed at the beginning each day’s class, and cannot be completed for a grade after that time. The quizzes are re-opened at a later time for ungraded study purposes.

4. Other assignments must be turned in on time, and will be marked down 10% if they are received late. No work will be accepted more than one week after its due date. Extensions of due dates are possible under unusual and unforeseen circumstances, but in general, you must explain the problem to the instructor on or before the original due date in order to receive an extension. Remember that you can always contact her by e-mail.

5. This course may be taken PASS/NO PASS if you wish. P (PASS) is given if you earn a grade of A, B, or C, and NP (NO PASS) is given if you earn a grade of D or F. If you wish to take the course CR/NCR, you must select that option online in PROMT by Monday, September 14. You must do this yourself; the teacher has no control over this choice, and you cannot change your mind after September 14.

6. Total time requirement for this course: This is a four-unit college-level course, which means that you will need to spend about eight hours a week on homework, in addition to the four hours of class time. If you are having trouble with the coursework, the first question the instructor will ask you is how much time you are giving to it. Insufficient time is the most common reason why students do not succeed in a college-level community college ESL course; give careful thought to your weekly schedule and your other responsibilities before you make a final decision to take this class.

7. If you have a disability that affects your needs in this class, please let the teacher know about it right away.

8. At this level, only English should be spoken in the classroom.  Other languages may be spoken only outside the classroom, during breaks. There are two reasons for this rule:

  • It is impolite to use a language in front of your classmates that they do not understand, and
  • In order to master a language, you must use it as much as you can.

9. Paper assignments completed outside of class must be typed using correct MLA format. (Instructions for MLA format are in the Writing Resources section near the top of the class Moodle site.)

All assignments must conform to the teacher’s instructions, which will normally be provided in writing. You may be asked to re-do an assignment if it is not double-spaced, is difficult to read, or does not follow instructions. Please do not re-use assignments that you have done previously for another course.

10. Plagiarism is a serious offense in a college class. Plagiarism is copying the work of another writer and presenting it as your own. Copying from a printed source, from the Internet, or from another student are all forms of plagiarism. Also, please do not use written work that you have done for another class to satisfy a writing assignment for this course. Plagiarism in a finished assignment will result in an “F” for the assignment. Repeated incidents of plagiarism will be reported to the Dean’s office and can result in dismissal from the college.

11. In-class use of laptops, tablets or smart phones should be for your work in this class. Please do not use class time to text friends, browse the Internet or do work for other classes.

12. Please respect the teacher’s work space and your fellow-students’ privacy. You should never look at the teacher’s grade book, or another student’s paper or grade. It is not polite look at papers on the teacher’s desk, or take papers from the teacher’s desk without asking. If you want the teacher to give your paper or your grade to a friend, you must tell the teacher in advance that you want her to do this.

13. If you wish the teacher to give your paper or other grade information to a classmate, you must contact the teacher and give her permission to do this. Otherwise, papers and grade information are your own private property and may not be viewed by anyone else except the teacher.

14. Grading Policy:

  • Midterm (15%) and Final Exam (15%) = 30%. The midterm and final exams are cumulative, which means that it may include any material that has been studied in the course so far.
  • Writing assignments: 30% .  Each writing assignment will be done in two drafts. If you complete the first draft on time, the instructor will read the draft and show you your mistakes. You will then write a second draft, which the teacher will grade. If you do not turn in the first draft on time, you will have no chance to do a second draft. The teacher will grade the first draft. Therefore, if you turn in your first drafts on time, your writing assignment grades will be much better.
  • Online Assignments : 40%

15. The final exam for this course will be on Monday, December 14. It will cover all the material in the course. Please do not make travel arrangements that require you to leave before the final exam.

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