Quick Grammar Review Topics

Each of these pages provides a quick overview of one of the English grammar topics that is often troublesome for non-native college writers.

If you see a circled number on your paper, it means that the teacher wants to to review the Grammar Handout with that number in order to understand and correct your grammar error.

 01. Tense Review

02. Infinitives and Gerunds

03. Active vs. Passive Voice

04. Summary of Connecting Words

05. Conditionals and the Subjunctive

06. Prepositions

07. Present and Past Participle Adjectives

08. Indirect Speech and Paraphrasing

09. The Grammar Problems of Birth, Marriage and Death

10. Adjective Clauses

11. Past Modals

12. Noun Modifiers

13. Sentence Boundaries

14. Nouns, Noun Phrases and Noun Clauses

15. Parallel Structure

16. Used to

17. Comparatives and Superlatives

18. Review of Pronouns

19. Nouns in General Statements

20. According to

21. Possessives

22. The Difference between a Colon and a Semi-Colon




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