06. Prepositions

Word + preposition

Part of speech


accuse (object)  of verb
accustomed to adjective
adjust to verb
afraid of adjective
afraid to adjective
apologize (to somebody)for verb
bad at adjective
believe in verb
blame (object)  for verb
capable of adjective
care about verb
care for verb
complain about verb
concerned about adjective
danger of noun
depend on verb
dream about verb
dream of verb
excited about adjective
excuse for noun
famous for adjective
favor of noun
forget about verb
forgive (object)  for verb
good at adjective
grateful for adjective
grateful to adjective
insist on verb
interested in adjective
keep (object) from verb
look forward to verb
need for noun
object to verb
plan on verb
prevent (object) from verb
prohibit (object) from verb
proud of adjective
purpose of noun
reason for noun
responsible for adjective
responsible to adjective
stop (object) from verb
succed in = succeed at verb
suspect (object)  of verb
talk about = talk of verb
technique for noun
thank (object)  for verb
think about verb
think of verb
tired of adjective
used to adjective
warn (object) about

(also warn (object) not toverb worried aboutadjective worry aboutverb


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