07. Present and Past Participle Adjectives

That movie didn’t interest me very much.

I wasn’t very interested in that movie.

I didn’t think that movie was very interesting.

There are many pairs of past and present participle adjectives in English:





Each of these pairs of adjectives comes from a transitive verb:

The movie didn’t interest me.07

The game excited the children.

The news surprised him.

Her job tires her.

Use the present participle adjective to describe the SUBJECT of the verb:

The movie was interesting.

The game was exciting.

The news was surprising.

Her job is tiring.

Use the past participle adjective to describe the OBJECT of the verb:

I wasn’t interested in the movie.

The children were excited by the game.

He was surprised by the news.

She gets tired from her job.

(Note: When you use a past participle adjective, you are actually using the passive voice of the verb.)

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