02. Infinitives and Gerunds

(1) These verbs are followed by infinitives:

agree                appear              attempt             can/can’t afford

choose             decide               deserve

expect              hope                 intend               know how

learn                 manage             need                 offer

plan                  prepare             pretend             promise

seem                tend                  want                 wish                 

would like         refuse

(2) These verbs can be followed by a noun or object pronoun  + infinitive:

                        advise               allow                appoint              ask

                        beg                   convince           encourage         expect

                        forbid                force                invite                need

                        order                permit               persuade           remind

                        teach (how)      tell                    urge                  want

                        would like

(3) However, with these verbs use noun or object pronoun + base form:

Don’­t use an infinitive.

                        let                     make                have


Examples: Teacher doesn’t let us use cell phones in class. She makes us do homework for every class. She had me re-do the assignment.

(4) Following help + noun or object pronoun, you can use either the infinitive or the base form. Example:  I helped my friend do her laundry or I helped my friend to do her laundry.

(5) The following verbs are followed by a gerund, and not an infinitive:

      admit                advise (without an object)               appreciate         avoid

      can’t help          consider (without an object)            delay                discuss

       dislike               enjoy                finish                imagine             keep on

        mind                 miss                  permit (without an object)               plan on

        postpone           practice             put off              recommend       resent              

         risk                   suggest

(6) The following verbs may be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund, with no great difference in meaning:

                        begin                can’t stand        continue            hate                  like

love                  prefer               start

(7) The following verbs may be followed by either an infinitive or a gerund, but the meanings are different!!

                        go on                quit                   stop                  remember         try

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