Punctuating Titles

1. Italics and underlining are two different ways to do the same thing. You can use one or the other, but in your paper you have to be consistent–do not use both. We usually prefer italics when typing.

To type in italics, you can highlight the word or phrase and use Ctrl + i on your keyboard, or Command + i if you are using a Mac. For underlining, you can usee Ctrl or Command + u.

Use italics or underlining for the title of a book, long work, or main web site on the Internet:

Quest 3 =Quest 3

Longman English Dictionary = Longman English Dictionary

Purdue Online Writing Lab = Purdue Online Writing Lab

2. Use quotation marks for the title of a short story, article, essay or page on a web site.

“The Anthropological View of Religion”

“Marriage Made on the Internet”

3. In any title, capitalize the first letter of each word except articles (a/an, the), prepositions and conjunctions (FANBOYS).

Focus on Grammar

Romeo and Juliet

“Alone on a Hilltop”

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