Website Evaluation Form

Website Evaluation Form

Student Name:____________________________

URL of the Page that You Wish to Use: __________________________

Title of the article or Web page:
Web Site Title: 
Date You Visited/found the page you are using:


 1.Professional Appearance:  Do the links work? Are there any noticeable spelling or grammatical errors? Bad graphics or loud, obnoxious colors or pictures?
 2. How much advertising on the site? A lot? Very little? What type of advertising? 






 1. Who is the SPONSOR of this site? In other words, who put this site on the internet?
 2. Is there an About Us link/page? Is there a Contact Us link/page?
 3. If the web page is located on a specific organization’s web site, what do you know about the organization? Do some research (HINTS:  “About Us” link on their page. You can also GOOGLE the organization or sponsor to find out more about them.)
4. Are the web pages intended to be entertaining, educational, business related, or personal opinions? HOW do you know?
5. Is there a contact address for the author of the content on the page or web document?


  1. Who is the intended audience—the general public or other academics and researchers?



2. Is the material from original research, experiments, observation, interviews, books and documents? What is the information based on? 




 3. Why is this material on the Internet? What is the author’s and sponsor’s purpose for posting it? (Information? Research? Marketing? Persuasion to a point of view?)
 4. When was the material you are looking at posted on the website? 
 5. Does the information contribute to your research in a significant way? Describe:6. Can you see an opinion or point of view in this material? We call this a bias. It may be OK to use materials that have a bias, but it is important for you as a researcher to be aware of what the bias is, and “consider the source.”




1. Can you CLEARLY and QUICKLY identify the author of the web page/document you are using? 
2. Can you determine what the author’s credentials are? (HINT: Google the author’s name- put it in quotation marks so that it searches the first and last name together)
3. Has the author written anything else? If yes, what else? List titles and type of source (books, journal article, etc.) below:
4. Can you determine where the author gathered the information  (i.e. Is a bibliography = list of sources provided)? A bibliography is like “Works Cited.”

Final Summary: Do you plan to use this Web page as a resource for your paper? Explain why or why not.


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